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Summerfield, FL Homes for Sale

Wide open fields of green, clusters of woodlands that shade the roads, and classic farmland all make Summerfield an ideal place to live. Although around thirty-thousand people live in the Summerfield area, it has the feel of a small agrarian town. There are plenty of locations to hike and explore the thick stretches of untarnished woods that hold discoveries around every bend. There are bicycle paths around the area that connect to one and other and can let you travel dozens of miles in a day.

Most of the homes in Summerfield have been constructed in the last thirty-five years. The majority of the residences are well kept with neat, sprawling yards. Summerfield is the kind of place you can tie a hammock between two old oak trees and take an afternoon nap. It is a wholesome town where families can run their own farm, or just raise their children in the country. A ride up U.S. 301 from Summerfield brings you to Ocala and the goods, services, and entertainment that you could get in any mid to large sized town.

With the numerous lakes, forests, and parks there is ample opportunity to hunt and fish. Perhaps the most attractive characteristic of Summerfield is the peace and quiet the pastoral atmosphere affords. There are no airports nearby to be buzzed by planes, no sirens blaring in the night, no traffic jams to and from work, and no loud parties from neighbors who are all too close. Though some might prefer city living, Summerfield is best place for those who are looking to escape the clamor and pressure of urban life.

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