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Williston, FL Homes for Sale

Located approximately halfway between Gainesville and Ocala, Williston is surrounded by rare natural marvels. Nearly three-thousand people live in Williston and more are likely to relocate there. The town has the charm of a bygone era, with most of the farmhouse style homes built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Downtown Williston has a small charm with brick-and-stucco buildings built in the same decades as the early Williston homes.

Williston is an idealized town in many ways. There is a fall festival that brings the citizens of the town together, combined with the peace and quiet that the surrounding wilderness affords it. In that wilderness there are several notable locations. Blue Grotto is a large submerged freshwater cavern that scuba divers from around the country flock to swim in. A certified scuba diver can go as deep as one-hundred feet and see the untouched rock formations as they have been for thousands of years. Another draw for scuba divers is the stunning Devil’s Den Spring which is located in a cavern and lets you dive into the Florida Aquifer. The Deep blue waters reveal secrets about Florida’s past and is a favorite of divers and archaeologists.

Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens combine the beauty of the surrounding hardwoods with plants and animals from around the world. In October a Halloween event is held which adds to the local charm of Williston. There are abundant locations to camp, hunt, fish, bike, and hike around Williston, which is a draw for those who love outdoor activities. Wildlife enthusiasts are sure to see deer, bear, fox, bobcat and of course, alligators. Williston is truly a paradise for those who want to experience small town life in the wilds of Florida.

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